MESH Network Gateway

This software is intended for Intel IXP425 based Access Points from various vendors. It doesn't disturb builtin vendor's software (firmware) and can be unloaded at any time by resetting power of the box. The software turns Access Point into a node of mesh network. After loading, it automaticaly detects nearest mesh nodes and internet gateways on Wi-Fi and LAN interfaces. This software was tested on Access Point XG-3120 by Zcom (see also Zcomax from UK). For futher instructions how to use mesh nodes refer to Locust MeshBox homepage.

Use cases

Download instructions

Demo image for XG-3120 Access Point box may be downloaded here.
Demo image for XG-3120

Boot instructions

To load software image on the node, prepare tftp server at your host machine:
(Instructions below are for RedHat Linux on host and RedBoot 1.94 on target box.)

Run instructions

After the image is loaded, login shell asks for name and password in a standard Unix way. Use name root and skip password for logins from console (serial interface).  Use login admin and password admin for logins via ssh on WiFi or LAN interface.

Note: Demo version assigns random IP addresses to all interfaces, so you should login first from serial interface to see assigned IP addresses. Use command ifconfig to print IP adresses on interfaces.
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